The Journey Begins

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Charles Tebbits, the great American hypnotherapy trainer and practitioner, said famously “All hypnosis is self hypnosis” When you first think about hypnosis you probably have an impression of a therapist with a goatee beard and a thick German accent asking you to look at a swinging pocket watch while you enter a trance and then come under his spell. This is a Hollywood image and it is false. When you enter a hypnotic trance you remain very much in control and cannot be made to do or say anything against your will. A good therapist will assist you to enter a trance and then make suggestions to improve your response to a situation or condition you are seeking help for. At any time you can simply wake and become fully conscious. You cannot become ‘stuck’ in a trance and you cannot be made to do or say anything. If you have seen stage hypnosis you have probably seen a very controlled and often constructed demonstration on extremely suggestible candidates. So, if you fear hypnosis, reframe it by thinking of watching a gripping film in a cinema. The lights are slowly turned down and the first scenes grip your attention. You have entered a trance. If, at the crucial moment in the plot someone shouted “FIRE!”, you would stop caring about the character or his dilemma and quickly head for the exit. You have willingly entered a trance, and have just as willingly left it! Film makers, if they are skilled in their craft, ‘entrance’ their audience, but the audience are never ‘stuck’ in the film’s plot and characters. Fear not, hypnosis is a wonderful experience that will enhance your life, giving you new insights and understanding, just as a great film will stay with you for a long time. if you have not seen “It’s A wonderful Life!” with James Stewart, please rent or buy it; by the end of the film you will know what a trance is and you’ll know how life enhancing it can be.

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