Understanding your life’s path

Very often our life takes a course that seems to be hectic, busy and at times unfulfilling – when we take time out to wonder where it is heading we are left with a question mark. With some quiet time and deep meditation, the meaning of our lives becomes more apparent. When the situation permits, a visit to a retreat is always a good practice because it takes us away from the usual routines and gives us time to see the lie of the land. As you reflect in the quiet of a retreat you begin to discern patterns and paths that are not immediately obvious – comments and observations others have made suddenly come to mind and slowly awareness dawns – you begin to see why you are here and what your mission is. When you know where you are heading, it is far easier to ignore false turnings and cul-de-sacs of the mind, to jettison those things that distract and detract form your life’s purpose. Be focused, take action and know your mission.

Iceland – land of ice and fire

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