Finding balance

So much in life is a balancing act. I love to ride bikes when I am not working and the need for a fine sense of balance is absolutely crucial to surviving on a motorcycle. Tiny, almost imperceptible changes in the rider’s balance can result in major changes to direction – you have to stay in a very alert state if you want to ride confidently and safely. In 2018 I rode with my wife up to the Polar Circle through France, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. It was a fantastic ride and it was achieved through thousands of unconsciously applied adjustments to the bike’s course and speed.

One of the appeals of riding a bike is the sense of living in the moment – there is no space or time to worry, your mind is concentrated on getting just the right angle to take a bend and keep the tyres gripping, whilst maintaining balance.

Your life is also a ride, and it too requires adjustments and changes to anticipate the road ahead. Accidents can happen, but an alert, focused mind can make a huge difference to being a confident, assured rider or an injured one. What adjustments do you have to make to respond to the road ahead? Marriage, the arrival of children, a career to build, retirement, bereavement all demand we change – this process can be achieved grudgingly or with calm, open acceptance. Go with the flow and feel the changes happen automatically. Your unconscious mind has great wisdom, it will change as and when you need it to – learn to listen to the still small voice.

Returning after 2500 miles hard riding left us both with a great feeling of achievement – I learned to trust my balance and ride with assurance; my wife learned she had to trust me as well. Pillion riding requires a lot of faith!

On board the RT

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