Our 11 year old son has Tourette’s syndrome, leading to acute anxiety, O.C.D and ticcing. Over a course of 6 sessions with Jon, his anxiety has been reduced by 95%, which in turn reduces the ticcing and O.C.D. The change in his school life is a revelation, enabling him to complete work and his SAT’s exams with ease.
The professional manner in which Jon undertook what we thought was an impossible task, was amazing. If you are in any doubt, please don’t be. It has changed our son’s life. Thank you Jon. MN

I came to Jon to help my son who has suffered with a phobia of flies & wasps for many years. We had tried many avenues but got nowhere. We found Jon on the internet and he had a conversation with A and my self; he said we might need a few sessions. After the first one A felt so confident with being near flies and by the second session A was able to listen to the sound of buzzing flies and was not fussed at all. I am extremely happy with A’s progress but also how massively helpful Jon is. Thank you so much Jon, A has found a new lease of life. TL

“Jon is very professional and explained the process thoroughly so I felt at ease and confident in his ability. Jon’s methods are reassuring and his suggestions very powerful. a very positive outcome thank you.” PT

“I have found the experience to be very helpful. The suggestion to start a pen to paper ‘to do’ list has made a massive difference. I’m also working on the suggestion of the box for thoughts when I wake in the night. Jon has a very professional manner and I have found the hypnotherapy to be very relaxing and beneficial. Highly recommended” JL

I had a brilliant session with Jon, very relaxed and professional. Jon has a very calm manner about him which makes the session very worthwhile. I would recommend Jon to anyone wanting hypnotherapy. Amazing work. JB

The treatment I received was a positive experience and I felt the benefits during and after each session. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone seeking therapy. PK

Good rapport , felt , safe , felt heard , new helpful strategy to move forward . Felt confident after sessions MH

The hypnotherapy with Jon has been very helpful. At the outset I was able to discuss with Jon what I wanted to get from the therapy, to enable the sessions to be focused on these needs, primarily depression and anxiety. Jon has also provided counselling around wider issues contributing to these problems, such as family issues. The hypnosis sessions have proved helpful in dealing with anxiety by providing techniques for relaxation and meditation that I can apply outside of the meetings. JS

“I have had and continue to have counselling with Jonathon for 3 months or more. In that time I have found out a lot about my anxiety, which has been with me since an early age and had became extreme recently. Jonathon helped me through this phase by his kindness and understanding. I can honestly say that Jonathon is totally committed to improving my situation and goes the extra mile in supporting me outside the counselling sessions. His hypnotherapy and deep breathing is certainly calming especially when you are having a bad anxiety experience. Thank you Jonathon for all your support.” MT